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Nichols Gallery

The Nichols Gallery is dedicated for the display of Art League members' artwork. If you choose to display work in the gallery please click here to complete the contract. The Victoria Art League will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage to any work displayed in the gallery.

Artwork Rules
  • All Victoria Art League members may hang their work in the gallery regardless of their level of art experience.
  • Depending on space availability, the number of pieces that a member may hang may be limited. This is determined by the Gallery Exhibit Committee.
  • All work displayed should be original art, created by the member.
  • Giclees and similar high-quality reproductions may be displayed, however they must be identified as reproductions.
  • The artist may display all aspects of visual art that are suitable for a community art gallery environment open to the public.
  • Two-dimensional artwork size may be limited when space is limited.
  • Three-dimensional artwork must be easily handled by two people.
  • The Gallery Exhibit Committee will be responsible for hanging all artwork in the gallery.
  • The Gallery Exhibit Committee’s decision is final, if any questions arise concerning the artwork, it’s suitability, it’s presentation, etc.
  • Artist will need to bring their work in during the gallery hanging times announced. Works brought in other times may be hanged at the discretion of the Exhibit Gallery Committee.
  • Other gift shop items may be displayed in the gallery by VAL members. These should generally adhere to the guidelines for display art whenever possible.
Submitting and Fees
  • All artwork displayed must be for sale.
  • All sales of art on display will be done through the Victoria Art League.
  • All artwork must be recorded in the Gallery Display notebook. Once item is sold or removed from gallery, this must be noted in Gallery Display notebook. 
  • Artist name, description of the art, entry date, and asking price of the work. 
  • Gallery cards are available to display along your artwork listing information regarding the artist, price, and name of piece.
  • VAL will deduct 25% from the sale price as a user’s fee to cover the hanging and display of the work. 
  • VAL collects and report all sales tax on all items sold. 
  • Once a month, checks will be distributed to the artist if any work is sold.
Framing and Hanging
  • Artwork must be properly presented and ready to hang. This will include matting and framing as appropriate. 
  • Gallery wraps are acceptable provided the edges are finished.
  • Secure wire hangers work best in our gallery. Saw tooth hangers will not work.
  • Either glass or acrylic plastic (Plexiglas) is acceptable where glazing is required. 
  • Artwork will be changed out and/or displays will be rearranged periodically. Usually changes will be made about every three months. These changes will be noted in the newsletter, email and during monthly meetings.

*If space is available, artwork may remain in the gallery for more than one hanging period.

  • The Victoria Art League policy states that the Art League is not responsible for any loss or damage to artwork.

Our Mission

The mission of the VAL is to provide opportunities for creation, exhibition, education and appreciation of visual art for children and adults.